My Plan for the Olympics

by Alex Wilson
1996 World Cup Rookie of the year, 2 yrs U.S. Ski Team

A. Be Very Mentally Flexible

  1. Open minded:
    • Makes it easier to take in coaches
    • Makes it easier to adapt suggestions to your style of skiing

B. Play It By Ear

  1. Have a more laid back attitude to changing conditions and things that are out of my control. Things on World Cup can change all the time such as: courses, venues, selection criteria. You must take a attitude of: "Well, what ever happens I'm ready and prepared for it."

C. Off Season (Preparation)

  1. My #1 concern is to make sure I'm mentally relaxed and ready for the season. How do I do this?
    • By having a relaxed and fun off season, good time off away from skiing. Also by playing and participating in other sports that keep me in the competitive frame of mind and that influence me in a fun and positive way.
    • When I'm away from skiing analyze video, critique myself and get inspired and psyched.
    • Stay active in cross training and in the gym, however not to the point to where it becomes a grind.

D. The Fall

  1. Become a lot more disciplined in dry land training and overall work ethic. Get in the best possible shape.
  2. Fall ski training:
    • Lot of training runs to work everything out technically and get my skiing legs back.
    • Train in the places that I feel will give me the biggest edge.

E. Competition Season

    Just believe in myself and Enjoy the Olympic process.

"To reach the product I must achieve the process."