Vocabulary Sheet

Key Words

Absorption - Letting the knees come up when the skis make contact with the face of the mogul in order to absorb the impact.

Range - The distance between absorption and extension.

Extension - Extending the legs in the hole after the absorption so the legs can absorb the next mogul.

Macaroni - A difficult World Cup technique of countering the force of impact between the lower leg and the mogul with the upper body.

Purchase - Ski to snow contact on the backside of the mogul.

Touch - Absorbing the necessary amount for each mogul, absorbing enough but not getting to deep. Anticipating the depth of range needed.

Dictionary of Technique

Overall body position - Hips and upper body should face downhill. The shoulders, hips and feet should remain stacked over each other when viewed from the side or the front.

Head - Eyes should look three to four moguls ahead at slow speeds, five moguls ahead at faster speeds.

Shoulders - The shoulders should stay level with each other and when viewed from the side should not be ahead of or behind the torso.

Arms - Arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The hands considerably in front of the torso without involving the shoulders and keeping a slight bend in the elbows.

Hands - Pole plant on the backside of the moguls with only movement from the wrists. Poles should swing back and forth opposite of each other and never remain static.

Torso - Back should stay straight and perpendicular to the slope. No tilting side to side when viewed from the front, it should be a shift with the shoulders over the waist.

Hips - The hips should be over the feet and under the shoulders and stay pointed downhill.

Legs - Absorbing and extending as needed while turning without involving the upper body.

Knees - The knees are on the opposite side of the body with respect to the mogul when contact with the mogul is made, driving to the inside as everything else settles to the outside of the turn.

Lower leg - When contact with the mogul is made the lower leg is at an angle, being perpendicular to the side of the mogul.

Feet - The feet should be patient and not reach for the next mogul. Remaining under the hips and the shoulders when viewed from the side and the front.